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Join us at Deep Media Day for interactive presentations of emerging technology (AI, Blockchain) applied to a variety of Visual Media applications, including Image, Video & 3D data used in Entertainment, Automotive, Healthcare, Sports & more, plus cross-industry, open-social networking!

Invited talks & demonstrations on:

• Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning in 3D Applications

• Object Detection in Augmented Reality

• Blockchain applied in Advertising & Rich Media

• Video Content Intelligence Platforms

• Synthetic Data for Gaming & Simulations

• AI-driven interactive Video & more!

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How Blockchain is transforming Media & Entertainment
Live production blockchain in media and entertainment, featuring Kaleido client Greenfence, a blockchain-based loyalty, rewards & rebates platform; a digital collectibles solution used by Sony & Fox to monetize digital assets & “Hands around the World” a digital selfie chain using hologram tech, AR, and social media to raise funds for climate crisis mitigation efforts.

Understanding and Tackling Social Problems through Networks and AI – An overview of AI and network science work currently ongoing in our group for tackling problems like human trafficking and global corruption. (Mayank Kerjiwal, USC

NEW Podcasts from Deep Media Day Available now!

Deep Media Day Intro To The Podcast

Deep Media Technology Talks With Hrish Lotlikar Co – Founder Of SuperWorld

Deep Media Technology With Panos Moutafis

Deep Media Technology With Brooke Bains CEO Of Bombshell

Deep Media Technology With Shah

Deep Media Technology with Mod Labs CEO and CTO

Deep Media Technology With Dr. Mayank Kejriwal

Deep Media Technology With João (Filipe) Beira Founder Of Datagram Visuals