Deep Media Technology

Turning Invisible, Visible

“Refik Anadol is an artist fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. For the last two years he has been using this technology in his works His current work is about processing NASA data received from Mars within seven minutes. Anadol uses this data to create Mars’ data-driven sculptures This data sculpture is...

AI Thinks Men Are Shallow

The data doesn’t lie. We started noticing this several years ago, first with some of the attraction data that was available. According to the “human” labeled data, most likely labeled by men… Ben Taylor

Geometric Deep Learning

The vast majority of machine learning — and therefore deep learning — is performed on Euclidean data. This includes datatypes in the 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional domain. But we don’t exist in a 1D or 2D world. All that we can perceive exists in 3D. Flawson Tong